For a complete schedule of what's going on in


the store on any given day for any of the


awesome games we carry, please check out our


Facebook page!



For our more popular games, we have Facebook Pages dedicated to them


where the community of players can feel free to communicate, trade,


buy, sell, arrange play times, etc. Below is a list of the pages:



 Heroes and Villains Magic the Gathering Community Page


Heroes and Villains Heroclix Page


Heroes and Villains X-Wing Page


Heroes and Villains Dungeons and Dragons Page


Heroes and Villains Force of Will


Heroes and Villains Pokemon







Tabletop Game -whether it be card games, minature


games, board game, or anything else we carry- are


obviously a huge part of the store and sometimes


communities grow around these games. We have the


largest dedicated play area in Warner Robins to help


facilitate this process. As a result, there is always


something going on in the store almost every day.


Below is an up-to-date list of some of the events


that go on each week. If you don't see your game


listed, please ask and if there is enough interest we


can add it to the schedule.



Sunday Events:


Warhammer 12 pm (Free Admission)


Monday Events:





Tuesday Events:


X-Wing 6 pm (Free Admission)

Magic the Gathering: Modern 7:00 pm ($5.00 Admission)



Wednesday Events:


Dungeons and Dragons Encounters 6 pm (Free Admission)


Thursday Events:


Heroclix 6pm (Free Admission)

Board Game Night 5 pm (Free Admission)


Fridays Events:


Friday Night Magic: Standard 7:00 pm ($5 Admission)

Friday Night Magic: Commander 5:00 pm (Free Admission)

Warhammer 5 pm until close (free admission)


Saturday Events:

Heroclix 11 am (Free Admission)

Pokemon 11:30(Free Admission)

Dungeons and Dragons Adventures League 3 pm (Free Admission)


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H&V Action

Fri Apr 10 @ 7:00PM -
Friday Night Magic (Standard)