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This list of comics-which we update every week-has long been a tool that our loyal customers have used to manage thier comic subscription. This feature of the site makes it so much easier for us to pull your comics and helps cut down on mistakes thereby fewer missed comics. Effective immediately, every customer who submits a weekly pull this through our website will have a 15% discount- just for filling out this week below!


Please note: On the list below, TP denotes Trade Paperback and HC denotes Hardcover. This list is valid from Thursday Afternoon thru late Wednesday morning before 11 am. Orders placed after that time may not be filled. You must be a comic subscriber in order to use this list. If you have not set up a subscription service with us, this list will not be filled. For more information about becoming a comic subscriber, click here. If you fill out this weekly list, we will pull that week's comics from that submission. If not, we will default to your monthly list.

Variant Cover Policy: We offer variant covers on the list below. Due to the high demand, the following rules apply:
1. Variant cover are offered limit (1) per customer per comic.
2. Variant covers are offered on a first come, first serve basis.
3. Variant covers can only be held for (7) days. After this time, the comic will be given to the next person on the list




The Weekly List is open until each Tuesday Morning until opening time (11am). Please have your lists in by that time. After that time, we can't guarantee that we will be able to pull what you want. If you do put your list in late, please call the store at (478) 322-0004 to alert us that you have! Thanks for the business!

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