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Back Issues



We offer the largest selection of back issues in Middle Georgia. Come on in and complete your collection today!

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We buy comics books depending on the condition and based on our inventory. Our buying hours are Monday-Friday 12-5pm. 

Weekly Comics

The "weekly comic pull list" which we update every Thursday, is a reflection of the new comics releasing the following Wednesday. 

Every customer who submits a weekly pull list through our website will have their comics waiting for them behind the counter for them Wednesday morning available for purchase with a 10% discount!

Follow these 5 simple rules below if you want to survive and receive your weekly comics!

New weekly comics
Spawn cover

Rule # 1

If you submit a Weekly Pull List, we will assume that EVERYTHING you want is on that list. With that in mind, check off every book that you want reserved.

Walking Dead Cover

Rule # 2

The Weekly List is updated on Thursday. The sooner you submit a list, the fewer problems we will have filling that list. Your list must be submitted before noon on Tuesday,

Superior Spider-Man Cover

Rule # 3

Everything on this list is on a “1st come-1st served” basis. Some comics, such as variant covers are ordered in limited quantities. We make every effort to reorder if possible. LIMIT 1 COPY PER TITLE PER CUSTOMER.

Shield Cover

Rule # 4

Due to limited space, the comics reserved may only be held for TWO WEEKS. If you only pick up once a month, you must make arrangements to have a form of payment on file. 

Joker Cover

Rule # 5

If you can’t make it in that often, we can ship comics to your door for as little as $9. You can pay for shipping when you submit your list or call us and we will ship them for you.

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