Heroes and Villains has been Middle Georgia's premier purveyor of comic books for over ten years. Whether you like the ease of a monthly recurring subscription, the choices of the weekly pull list, or just want to come in scour the racks, Heroes and Villains is the place to be for the art and stories you crave.


The "weekly comic checklist" which we update every week-has long been a tool that our loyal customers have used to manage their comic subscription. This feature of the site makes it so much easier for us to pull your comics and helps cut down on mistakes, thereby fewer missed comics. Effective immediately, every customer who submits a weekly pull this through our website will have a 15% discount just for filling out this weeks list!


Check out the links to the right for more information on our comic order options


Things to keep in mind:


1) If you submit a Weekly Pull List, we will assume that EVERYTHING you want is on that list. We will not look at your monthly list. With that in mind, check off every comic (or other piece of merchandise) that you want reserved.


2) The Weekly List is updated on Friday- usually before 8 pm. The sooner you submit a list, the fewer problems we will have filling that list. 


3) Due to the nature of comic retailing, everything on this list is on a “1st come-1st served” basis. Some comics- such as variant covers, small press retailers, etc- are ordered in limited quantities. We make every effort to reorder whenever possible but sometimes we will be unable to get copies in once a comic sells out. 


4) Due to limited space, the comics reserved using the Comic Subscription Service at Heroes and Villains may only be held for TWO WEEKS. If you only pick up once a month, you must make arrangements to have a form of payment on file. 


5) If you can’t make it in that often, we can ship comics to your door for as little as $8